Dear Jack, I am so humbled and feel totally inadequate to be in your amazing book. Bobbie and I had agreed that “the process” to write something for you was so cathartic that we felt fulfilled. My account was chronological and lacked the depth and insight that I have a little bit more of now a year later, thanks to you and your book.

Thank you Jack for being my friend and more importantly for honoring the tens of thousands of guys (and a few girls) who never got to return home by “making” the rest of us dig deeper to look at our experience and by doing that, honor our service in a positive, meaningful way that had never happened.

We are very proud of your huge accomplishment. This is life changing for us and hopefully, for the many who hear about the book and have the opportunity to read the book. This needed to be said. And you made that happen.

God bless you, your great wife Pat who is a true partner in this adventure and your family.

This book is very important to read for those that were there and those we want to understand our experience, although tough in parts to read admittedly.

I want to see this book on the New York Times bestseller list!! It deserves to be read and admired by all, but especially our generation, who lived during this inexplicable war and a time that we all want to better understand. Much love….. Melinda Pendino

Spending my weekend reading this book written by my new friend Jack McCabe. My dad fought in Vietnam. I spent my entire life hearing bits and pieces of what he went through but never truly understanding. I never knew what questions to ask him so I just left it alone. Every once in a while my dad would tell a story and then we wouldn’t talk about it again. This book is like the key to opening the door my dad spent my entire life hiding his Vietnam experience behind. As I read it, I write down questions for him and we talk about it. I’m learning so much about him and why he does and says the things he does. He seems a bit relieved that there is this book to describe how he feels and what he went through but was never able to express. I’m extremely proud of my dad and that he fought through the trauma and raised me as well as he did! I highly recommend this book to anyone that has a loved one that fought in Vietnam! Thank you, Jack, and all the Vietnam vets that shared their stories in this book!  Casey Kolenda

Went out this morning to get the mail -your books arrived -I broke down reading the Preface – Savage Grace

So far, I just have opened it up and read the story on whatever pages I turn to. I have read of an Army infantry platoon commander, a nurse, and a Red Cross Donut Dollie. Each story is filled with the same haunting memories and the same difficulties in readjusting and moving on that are in common with my own story. Powerful, deeply moving testimony from those who were lucky to come back home, at least in body.   Doug Gillert

Your book came today Jack and after just a half dozen pages the tears were coming. I am in only about 30 some pages and looking forward to some more free time to continue. Bravo to you and your wife for putting this together. My children will now read from true accounts on what really happened. Mike Brackett