About The Author

Jack McCabe was born and raised in Chicago. He joined the army in 1969, two days after his 18th birthday. He was sent to Vietnam less than a year later, in October of 1970. He extended for a second tour and finally came home for good at the end of May 1972, finishing his three-year enlistment at Fort Huachuca, Arizona. Upon his return from Vietnam, Jack pursued his education using the G.I. Bill, receiving an associate degree in electronics engineering from DeVry Institute. Later, he continued his education by attending night school and received his bachelor’s degree in business and management from Northeastern Illinois University in 1981 at the age of 30. Jack owned his own business for 20 years and sold real estate for 20 more, before retiring to North Carolina, where he worked as a volunteer, helping veterans with PTSD, financial challenges, family issues, homelessness, substance abuse, and benefits. He is now retired and enjoys writing and spending time with his family.