We built calluses
On our souls

Each event
Each experience

Adding a new layer
A toughening

Which allowed
Us to survive

Made us perfect

We no longer
Felt much of anything

The pain
Became nonexistent

But it is still deep
Within our souls

As time goes on
The calluses soften

No longer used
Out of practice

Then the pain

Outside our
Realm of consciousness

The pain
Begins to build

As the tissues
Peel away

The rawness

Is all
That remains

by Penni Evans
Vietnam Donut Dollie

2 thoughts on “CALLUSES ON OUR SOULS”

  1. “To those who have fought for it, Life has a flavor that the protected will never know!” Courage is the best way to define Vietnam Veterans. Glad that you made it home brother!
    Courage on the Mountain—–


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