The Vietnam Warriors Lament

The Vietnam Warrior’s Lament

Was it a war or was it not, a time of flux for some of us
A tumultuous time, a time to pray, a time of conflict, all tucked away
At times we share a look inside, a soul too numb, too vilified
We keep inside those horrid thoughts, we brand ourselves a deadman’s walk
In combat once, civilian now, a troubled soul yet to resolve
To we who know, a brotherhood, to others though, misunderstood
Address us now, the emptiness, the fragile man such hopelessness
Regard us then how ere you must, so quick to judge, with vile repress
Come back again and tell us now, how brave we were, a hero child
Once driven by uncertainty, a thing so wrong a travesty
As images steal our minds it seems, those wretched things we can’t redeem
Until they leave we lose control, we live again each dreadful role
Let’s lift our arms up to the sky and offer thanks, no withered cry
To us I say hold fast to that, forgive your heart, unbind your mind, left fear depart
And in the end, when time is done, look at the light where God is from
And at your end when you go home, the words will be, Come….Welcome Home

Written by; Gene Giunta

Vietnam, 1968-1969

Naval Mobile Construction Battalion Three

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