48 hours later… ALONE…

One of the things I hear the least about when discussing Vietnam service and all of its issues is the fact that unless you had the fortune to be assigned to a unit when it was ordered to Vietnam and returned,the individual went alone and came home alone. Oh he may have had some of his AIT class fly over with him but once they arrived at the repo depot, you were pretty much on your own. Consider for a second that for most servicemen it was their first time in a foreign country…and Vietnam certainly was a hell of a strange cultural environment… “falling down the rabbit hole” is a phrase that comes to mind. And then in the case of most field folks, they left the mud and weirdness and were “home” 48 hours later… ALONE… trying to figure out exactly what was real… no wonder we Vietnam vets have so many issues…  by Bud Alley

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