For Love Of Country

“I am not a veteran but I come from a family of veterans.
I have always been very much aware of the many sacrifices our soldiers make on behalf of our freedoms.

My grandfather is Belgian and was a small child when liberated during WWI before coming to the United States. My father served in the Korean War and my uncle was with the National Guard during the Vietnam War.

While studying at NYU, I came across a homeless man on the sidewalk and listened to his poetry. He sounded intelligent and educated. After listening to his life story of hardships and drug addiction, I was surprised to also learn that he was a veteran.
Storytelling through filmmaking is my way of honoring those who have fought for the freedoms we all enjoy.

Our soldiers are coming home from the battlefield only to find the battle isn’t over, for them, or their loved ones – and all too often, no one seems to be on their side. Veteran care has become a political football with the focus on debate rather than solutions. In the meantime, the brave men and women who volunteered to defend our freedoms continue to suffer from wounds of body, mind, and spirit. They cannot and should not wait through endless election cycles and Congressional hearings that yield nothing but blame year after year.

They need—and deserve—our help.”
~ Michael DeRoker, Director/Producer, For Love of Country, The Battle Within

God Bless all who serve and keep us safe.
‪#‎PTSD‬ ‪#‎Suicide‬ ‪#‎Veterans‬

Please watch For Love of Country trailer

For Love Of Country Trailer

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