George Thomas on Agent Orange

Hi Jack, thank you for your work. I am a Vietnam war veteran having served in Vietnam in 1970-1971 in I Corps with the Americal Division. I have had a horrific life since Vietnam. I joined the U.S. Army in 1970 after high school. I had a high draft number. I regret that decision. I suffer from PTSD. I never married.

I am currently in remission since December 2009 from stage 3 throat cancer. The doctors gave me a 50-50 chance to survive the cancer. I also have uncontrolled high blood pressure from chemical agent orange exposure. Now I just found out I have lung issues. I am physically fit, never smoked and no one in my family had cancer.

We need to get the truth out there to the general public about how many deaths these chemicals have caused to Vietnam veterans and now our kids. I feel the U.S. Government is responsible but will not admit it which I feel is pathetic.

Thank you or your work!

George started the Facebook page “Vietnam Veterans, the Best of the Baby Boomers” which has 33,413 members.

1 thought on “George Thomas on Agent Orange”

  1. Hi Jack, you shared my story last week..I am an Admin in George’s group. George was he first one to reach out to me after my Dad passed and he read story. I started joining every Veteran support group I could….so I could LEARN TRUTH. I consider him family now…..he is an AMAZING soul….a warrior, fighter, and a SURVIVOR. Blessed beyond words to know his man…… he inspires me daily.

    Laurie Nix Colegrove


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