FOLDED FLAG by Penni Evans

The triangle shape denotes
The loss of one of our own
The stars on the blue background
Do not twinkle as those in the sky

The colors of our flag
Are represented by the lifeblood
Of our fallen comrades
Their honor is not diminished

The pain of their death
Remains in our souls
We stand together
As taps is played

The salute of rifles
Fired in honor
Punctuates our loss
As the folded flag is handed to the family

1 thought on “FOLDED FLAG by Penni Evans”

  1. Powerful….thank you for sharing with the world, Penny. Bless you.

    Jack McCabe, thank you for sharing this important piece of history with the world…..YOUR stories. The ones who WERE THERE. These brave warriors who lived in an unforgiving hell that NO ONE will ever fully understand, unless you were there. PERIOD.
    WAR….destroys the soldier, and the ones who love them. Vietnam has changed the path of 4 generations of my own family since 1970. You all kept your promise, why wont they?? The world needs to know the truth….we owe at least that much for your sacrifices for us. Veterans are the ONLY ones that can share the TRUTH. Not what we see on the news….but the things we dont. You ALL deserve so much better….every generation of Veteran’s deserve respect, and to be treated with dignity. I see you, I hear you….THANK YOU. YOU ARE MY TEACHERS….
    ~Respectfully, one of your Daughters.


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